Tradecurve Up 80%! Get TCRV Tokens Now for Borderless Market Access

• Ethscriptions are a new way to mint non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Ethereum.
• Tradecurve, a hybrid exchange, has launched its presale and its native token TCRV is up 80% since launch.
• The crypto market is looking bullish and Tradecurve’s registration process doesn’t require KYC, and it offers leveraged instruments starting at 500:1.

What Are Ethscriptions?

Ethscriptions are a new way to mint non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Ethereum. Developed by Tom Lehman, also a co-founder of, nearly 30,000 Ethscriptions were created within the first 24 hours after the protocol went live. Ethscriptions assets utilize the data within a smart contract, allowing for a cheaper minting process than conventional methods. At the time of writing, image-only inscriptions with less than 96 kilobytes in size are the maximum possible. However, the protocol will allow for different file types in the future. It remains to be seen if Ethscriptions can match Bitcoin Ordinals, which surged from zero to 10 million in less than six months. The initial project introduced on Ethscriptions was “Ethereum Punks” and all 10,000 assets were sold in a flash. One side effect of the Ethscriptions may be increased gas fees on the network as daily fees have exceeded $4.6 million averagely over recent weeks due to growing volume of transactions on Ethereum network

Tradecurve’s Token Price Up 80%

As Tradecurve enters stage 4 of its presale, TCRV its native token is already up 80% since launch offering borderless market access without users complying with know-your-customer (KYC) requirements. With overall market outlook analysts believe that crypto market is ready for bull run and Tradecurve’s token could rally when it launches in 2023.

Tradecurve Features

Tradecurve allows users around the globe to access US and European markets to trade CFDs, Forex indices commodities cryptocurrencies options ETFs and bonds from single account without needing KYC requirements focused more on user privacy anonymity and self custody of funds features useful trading tools and leveraged instruments starting at 500:1 plus Copy trader feature based subscription model enable users to copy other traders trades all round world safely securely anonymously without leaving their home or office .

Crypto Market Outlook

The crypto market outlook looks bullish as Dogecoin and Tradecurve tokens show bullish signs on daily chart ; blockchain technology continues gaining attention even mainstream institutions now embracing digital currency further supporting idea that we may soon enter era where digital asset become commonplace . Also Ethereum price has been rising significantly recently reaching record highs this week showing strong uptrend .


In conclusion , it appears that crypto markets could soon see some significant growth , especially with projects like Tradecurve making waves with their innovative solutions . Furthermore , investors should keep an eye out for upcoming projects like Ethscription as they offer unique ways to mint NFT’s . Finally , stay alert about how developments such as increasing transaction fees affect these markets .

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