Over 200,000 Bitcoin released from long-term storage since November

Almost $ 4 billion worth of bitcoin moved from long-term storage to the chain in November 2020.

Almost 200,000 BTCs stored between 2013 and 2015 are active again

However, the data shows that the proportion of Bitcoin’s HODlers is actually on the rise.

About $ 4 billion worth of bitcoin that had been inactive for five to seven years was taken out of long-term storage following the massive price hike in November.

Unchained Capital revealed the news via a data visualization on December 3. Unchained’s “ HODL Waves ” metric measures Bitcoin’s activity by storage time. The total share of bitcoin supply blocked in storage between five and seven years fell from 5.48% to 4.67% between November 1 and November 30.

Almost 1% of the total #bitcoin supply left long-term storage (> 1 year at the same address) during the price hike from $ 13,700 to $ 19,670 in November.

61.43% of bitcoin’s supply has not budged for> 1 year. #HODLwaves, h / t @glassnode

Some long-term investors profit from it

Investors who locked their cryptocurrencies in 2013 did so at an average price point of between $ 134 and $ 1,151. In 2014 and 2015, the average price was between $ 500 and $ 750.

With Bitcoin closing at $ 18,702 on November 30, long-term investors would have gained between 1,524% and 13,856%.