Earn Passive Income with DigiToads and Filecoin: Better than Monero!

• DigiToads and Filecoin are two powerful projects that have investors locked in due to their potential for growth.
• DigiToads uses TOADS, an erc-20 token, to fuel its gaming ecosystem and enable users to participate in community contests, buy NFTs and stake tokens for passive income.
• Monero offers a means of transacting anonymously but its use could be stained as it can enable cybercrime; DigiToads and Filecoin have greater adoption potential than XMR.

What is DigiToads?

DigiToads is an upcoming project that utilizes a multi-approach to the play-to-earn (P2E) and stake-to-earn market. It combines a meme coin with environmental sustainability and multiple earning opportunities for investors. The gaming ecosystem is based on a virtual world where players grow, nurture, breed, and train digitoads. Winning fighting competitions rewards players with TOADS, which have multiple uses. Presently, TOADS prices are up 140% since the first presale; explaining why analysts consider the token as one of the best cryptos to look at.

What Is Filecoin?

Filecoin decentralizes how we transfer and store data online using FIL as the native currency of the network. Any individual or business can use Filecoin’s data-sharing and storing capabilities by renting out unused storage space from their computer or other devices connected to the network for FIL rewards.

What Is Monero?

Monero allows users to make anonymous payments using XMR as its currency. This feature has made it popular among some crypto users but could stain its network since XMR can be used for cybercrime activities too.

Why Would DigiToads & FileCoin Have Greater Potential Than Monero?

DigiToads has already raised over $2.7m since its first presale stage with more than 202 million tokens sold while Filecoin’s capabilities allow anyone with access to rent out storage space from their computer or other devices connected to the network for rewards in FIL – both projects have wider adoption potential than Monero which could lead them to become more successful in the long run than XMR’s anonymous transactions feature which has been associated with criminal activities too.


Due to their wider adoption potential compared to Monero’s anonymous transactions feature associated with criminal activities, both Digitoads‘ TOADS tokens and Filecoin’s FIL offer investors unique earning opportunities through various mechanisms such as community contests, buying NFTs and staking tokens for passive income – making them far more potent projects than XMR in terms of long term success!

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