Crypto Projects Lack Marketing Strategy: New Report Reveals

• A recent report scrutinized the marketing approaches of the top 1000 crypto projects, revealing how their blogging tactics impact their growth.
• 84.8% of the top 1000 crypto projects host their blogs on Medium, which may have unintended consequences for long-term growth.
• Content marketing remains shrouded in ambiguity; strategic investments are essential to fueling long-term sustainability and promoting investor confidence.

Crypto Projects Lack Proper Marketing

A recent report by Guerrilla Buzz examined the marketing strategies of the top 1000 crypto projects and discovered that 35.8% had gone silent with no new articles posted since 2023. This highlights an important issue for those involved in the cryptocurrency industry – that proper marketing is essential for success and longevity.

Medium: A Popular Choice With Potential Consequences

The report also showed that 84.8% of these crypto projects use Medium as a platform to host their blogs, as it provides a quick and easy solution for publishing content. However, this could have long-term implications as these companies are essentially contributing to Medium’s traffic rather than building up their own online presence on a dedicated domain.

Content Marketing: Shrouded In Ambiguity

The effectiveness and strategies behind content marketing remain largely unknown among those within the crypto sphere due to its relative newness compared to traditional industries such as finance or retail commerce. Nevertheless, investing in effective marketing strategies can be beneficial for any organization operating within the sector, helping them become more resilient to market fluctuations and attract serious investors who have faith in the project’s future success.

The Impact Of Crypto Project Marketing Strategies

Ultimately, understanding how effective each project’s individual strategy is can give us valuable insights into how successful they may be in this highly competitive industry going forward. For example, if a project has been able to create consistent content with relatively high engagement metrics over time then they might stand out from other competitors with similar objectives who lack such tactics or resources available to them.


It is evident that proper promotional tactics play an integral role in any organization’s ability to survive in this ever-evolving environment; consequently, future analysis should focus on deciphering which techniques prove most effective when it comes to creating meaningful connections with potential partners or investors alike – something only time will tell!

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